Venturi Scrubber


Venturi Scrubber

Wet scrubbing system is one of the most dynamic particles collecting equipment among others, having very high particle accumulation competence sometimes exceeding 90%. It can utilize heavy inlet volumes even at high temperatures, facilitates to eliminate almost all the fragments without clogging. They can be employed to control fly ash and gaseous acidic emission from industrial boilers.

Major components of Wet Scrubbing system are:

  1. Ventury Scrubber
  2. Moisture Separator

While Ventury scrubber comprises of a converging section, a throat section and a diverging section. The dust laden Gas enters into Wet Scrubbing system by suction created by the ID Fan downstream. Water or desired chemical are turbulently blended with the flue gas through flooded elbow .As the inlet flue gas arrives at the throat, its velocity escalates immensely controlled by Ventury throat.. These liquid incorporating the particles are cleared away from the scrubber outlet stream and carried forward to Moisture separator. Tangential entry of gases transmits a centrifugal force which stimulates it to spin. Particles are hurled outwardly from the spinning gas by the centrifugal force to the separator wall. Within the separator, the approaching gas containing heavier particles spirals down near the dust discharge and clean gas regresses towards the outlet through a mist eliminator by eliminating moisture from the same. Water spread through elbow gets recirculated to the system with maximum 2% allowable solid content by volume.