Revamping & Retrofitting


Revamping & Retrofitting

Electrostatic precipitator (ESP) / Bag-filter or dust collectors which are not maintaining the recent Air-pollution norms can be updated / retrofitted & revamped for upgrading the Air pollution system to give the clear emission and can satisfy the present air pollution norms.

The up-gradation of the system can be done to an extent where the emission can even be <50mg/Nm3 for old system. Revamping & Retrofitting can be done by different process:

Conventional Way – This is method is familiar where we can give / add extra complete new ESP field, Replacement of ESP collecting electrodes, emitting electrodes, raping system, suspension system, insulators, GD screens, replacement of single phase TR set to three phase TR set or High frequency TR set. In case of Bag-filter where servicing of Bag Houses and replacement is proposed.

Specialized Technology – Our R&D department has come up with a new cost effective technology for retrofitting & revamping of ESP.

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