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Soil & Enviro make Electro Static Precipitator (ESP) is the most efficient equipment applicable in the field of Industrial Air pollution control. It has wide range of applicable in the field of Power, Cement, Steel, Sponge Iron, etc. the efficiency of operation may reach 99.9% in ideal conditions. The Electro Static Precipitator consists of high voltage (H.T.) Emitters, which ionizes dust particles to the charged and ultimately get collected the “Collecting Plates”.


In modern concept one can’t leave the environmental issues neglected as ever before. The industries processing raw material and converting into finished products, involve high chemical and heat generating process releases hot gasses and electrically charged materials in the atmosphere. These particles are polluting the environment for several years. The Soil & Enviro group realized that and introduced the most efficient method for solving the rising issue. The Soil & Enviro Industries offers Electrostatic Precipitator for fighting the Environmental Pollution and getting a clean and harmless air.


The ESP introduced to sort out the problem that is caused by the discharge of the harmful materials into the air. ESPs are installed in the plants, for treating the harmful gasses to convert them into very less harmful gas, removing dust particles from flue gas. ESP works to its height every time when it is tested or implemented in high temperature and gas producing plants.


It is an electro mechanical, high voltage equipment mainly consisting of two sets of electrodes held in rows and are separated by a particular electrical gap/ distance.

One set of Electrodes (Discharge Electrode) are fed with high voltage D.C. (max. up to 110 KV) generated through transformer rectifier set, to set free “Corona” (free electron).

The other set of Electrodes (Collecting Electrode) are made earth connected. When dust laden gas passes through the field, due to Corona effect, the gas gets “lionized” and negatively charged. It forms an electron storm and drags the dust along with it towards the earth plate (collecting plate) where it gets discharged. The clean flue gas passes out through the stack. Through rapping mechanism the dust gets dislodged into the Hopper of the ESP and subsequently the dust is taken out through dust conveying systems.

A group of experienced design engineers are involved in designing and improving the structure of the ESP. It is our speciality to produce the best quality product, as per customer’s requirement.

Our staffs work heart and sole to perform the task, to deliver the product in time schedule and with perfection.

The Electro Static Precipitator is designed in such a way, that it can work in any condition, considering on the predetermined facts. The design of the ESP changes and varies in the size considerably as required. The flexibility of our products is the trademark of our good service.


The upper temperature limitation is the construction material used e.g. the use, of mild steel limits the operating temperature to about 3500C

  • Up to 99.99% of all entrained particles can be removed
  • The pressure drop is low
  • Operating and maintenance costs are very low